Salsa Dancing

Come learn the dance that has taken the world by storm! Learn the basic technique and fundamentals that will get you dancing and spinning on the dance floor.

Dimas Caraballo and Sherin Radwan 

Summer Session

May 5 — June 23
$185 per couple for 8 weeks


Hustle and Nightclub Two-Step | NEW CLASS

Knowing these popular dances will greatly increase your time on the dance floor! Hustle is dance to 4/4 music with a strong "disco" beat. Nightclub Two-Step (not to be confused with Texas Two-Step) is a romantic dance fitting for contemporary soft rock and love songs. Neither dance requires a lot of space. You can dance them in your living room. Each dance is easy to learn!

You do not need a partner to take this class.

John Perna

Early Session

June 22–August 3 (Omit 7/13)
$56 per person for 6 weeks

Late Session

June 22–August 3 (Omit 7/13)
$56 per person for 6 weeks